Thursday, September 11, 2008


As we enter this critical election season, it is important for people of faith to remember that our leaders shape laws govern our freedom and social agenda as a Country. As Catholics, we believe that civilization springs forth from the family and at the heart of the family, is marriage between a man and a woman. Barrack Obama supports marriage between homosexual persons. Let us be clear that the Church believes that all people are to be treated with dignity and respect, but it can not and will not ever condone behaviors that are sinful in their nature. Jewish and Catholic leaders recently united together in the following statement which affirms the consistent teaching of the Church since the time of Jesus and the Apostles.

Orthodox Jewish-Catholic Statement on Marriage“Created in the Divine Image”

Many communities within the United States are now engaged in a new conversation on the meaning of the word “marriage”, questioning whether it should describe a union only between a man and a woman. As leaders of our respective faiths, we, as Orthodox Rabbis, communal leaders and representatives of the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States, wish to affirm our shared commitment to the ordinance of God, the Almighty One, who created man and woman in the divine image (Gen. 1:26-27), so that they might share as male and female, as helpmates and equals (Gen. 2:21-24), in the procreation of children (Gen. 1:28) and the building up of society.

We now confront a demand that same sex unions be classified as marriage. Advocates of this position argue that to do otherwise is to engage in a form of discrimination against homosexuals. We recognize that all persons share equally in the dignity of human nature and are entitled to have that human dignity protected, but this does not justify the creation of a new definition for a term whose traditional meaning is of critical importance to the furtherance of a fundamental societal interest.

God’s design for the continuance of human life, as seen in the natural order, as well as in the Bible (Gen. 1-3), clearly revolves around the union of male and female, first as husband and wife, and then as parents. A unique goal of marriage, which is reproduction and the raising of families, exists apart from that of same sex unions, which cannot equally participate in this essential function. While others may claim the right to establish private relationships between persons of the same gender that simulate marriage, the legal classification of such relationships as marriage dilutes the special standing of marriage between a man and a woman. Since the future of every society depends upon its ability to reproduce itself according to this natural order and to have its young people reared in a stable environment, it is the duty of the state to protect the traditional place of marriage and the family for the good of society.

While others have the freedom to disagree with us, we hope that even those outside of our common religious traditions will recognize that we speak from the truth of human nature itself which is consistent with both reason and the moral life. We also call upon our local faith communities to consider carefully the long held traditions of Jews and Christians on the nature of marriage as built upon the commitment of a man and a woman desirous of establishing a family for contributing to the common good of humanity.

Rabbi Fabian SchonfeldRabbi of Young Israel Synagogue, Kew Gardens Hills, New York.Bishop William MurphyBishop of Rockville Centreand members of the Consultation of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America

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Rustler45 said...

I have been over at Katherine's Marxist blog Catholics for Obama. I just posted this in there. I thought you might like it.

Definition of "mean spiritedness":
Liberals just love that term "mean spiritedness." Here's what it means to them.

1. Any terminology that disagrees with Democrat socialist (i.e., Marxist) ideals.

2. Being so mean that you won't let someone kill their baby since "babies are a punishment."

3. Killing killers who kill because of low self-esteem.

4. Using grapic pictures of aborted babies.

5. Wanting to keep what is rightfully yours and calling it private property.

6. Pointing out that the poor really could take a job.

7. Spanking children.

8. Pointing out that prisons really are full of bad people.

9. "Forcing your morals" on others.

10. Refusing to give pro-choice politicians communion.

11. True faith, hope, and charity.

12. Allowing your child to believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. That is just meen meen meen.

13. Insisting that government stay out of the Church's charitable organizations.

14. Insisting that marriage is between a man and a woman.

15. Insisting that the priesthood is not for women or homos.

16. Insisting that abstinence is the correct method before marriage.

17. Insisting that one go to confession before receiving communion.

18. Hinting that liberalism is a mortal sin.

19. Doubting the humanitarian merits of socialism.

20. Suggesting that pro-choice and pro-abortion are the same thing.