Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If Obama Truly Were a Friend to Minorities

Minority women, hispanic and black disproportionately make up for the majority of the abortions in this country.  Planned Parenthood Federation of America purposely locate their baby human body chop shops up in their neighborhoods for a reason.  They typically locate close to high schools to replenish their supply of abortees.  Go to to see how children are intentionally indoctrinated into a sexual lifestyle with the goal of replacing the abortees PPFA loses each year after the pain and suffering of an abortion, move woman to suffer in quiet and not return for more PPFA business.  If this teenwire website does not sicken you, you have lost your moral compass.

Read the following CNA report on how more minorities are getting abortions.  Why does Obama continue in his violent ways towards these women?   CNA  Minorities Report


Rustler45 said...

Hey Jumbo, I appreciate your blog. I am posting here below my latest comment over at Katherine's "Catholics for Obama." She is into censorship making it necessary to get the word out in as many other public places as possible.

Some of you need to go over there and let her know what you think.


Rustler45 said...
Katherine, I see your fear is promoting your censorship and suppression of free speech.

First you won't allow comments on Kmiec articles. Why is that Katherine??? Now just why would a liberal Democrat try to protect a "conservative?"

Oh, I wonder if he's not conservative?

Second, you have stop comments on the article about "Obama Winning the Catholic Vote." Getting nervous Katherine? Can't stand the light of truth can you?

When it gets right down to it you prove that liberals don't really believe in free speech, they just talk about out in public, but in private they do everything they can to suppress it.

What IS the fear Katherine? Afraid Joe McCathy is watching you?

Afraid somebody is going to figure out that Kmiec is really a Marxist?

"...representing his Catholic faith openly in the White House."

Now tell us, just what did Kmiec do to represent his Catholic faith? C'mon, don't BS us. We want to hear it.


KMIEC ASKS: Can there be a reverence for life that embraces a larger set of values?

WOW, a true liberal question. I love that little line there--"a larger set of values." Another liberal pretending to be a Catholic and playing with semantics (i.e., doublespeak). Now tell us Katherine, what is this "larger set of values?" huh? huh? Out with it. We want to hear it.

Getting uncomfortable Katherine? Well just delete this. Suppress the truth. We all know anyway.

KMIEC ARTICLE SAID: "...challenging the partisan interests that provoke a false rift between the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party."

Now that's a good one. A false rift??? Just what is that false rift? More doublespeak?

KMIEC ARTICLE SAID: "Kmiec confronts those Republicans who benefit from setting Democrats and Catholics at opposite ends of the political spectrum, disproving the myths these Republican Faith Partisans perpetuate." this a joke or what? Myths? Are you telling me that the Democrats are no longer pushing abortion? Are you telling me that they are no longer liberal? Are you going to tell me that liberalism is compatible with the Catholic faith? Are you going to tell me that the Democratic Party no longer protects communists? Are you going to tell me that the Democratic Party no longer promotes the use of marijuana?

Let's hear it Katherine.

KMIEC ARTICLE SAID: "Catholics cannot sacrifice the primacy of human life by remaining devoted to a 'single issue.'"

No wonder you won't allow comments about that article. It can't stand the light of day can it?

Let's talk about "single issue." Why would you bring up "single issue" know full well that the Democratic Party is a single issue party? Why do you think all the non-lunatics left the Democratic Party? It's because they cannot be pro-life and be a Democrat. So they all left and went to the Republican Party. The Republican Party is far from being pro-life, but at least it tolerates the issue.

BTW God is a single issue God. He said (in Scripture) that you can obey nine of the commandments and fail on one, you will suffer everlasting fire. So quit playing the idiotic "single issue" nonsense.

KMIEC ARTICLE SAID: "...Kmiec has not betrayed his faith but rather, he has run up against a group of Republicans who have peddled the vocabulary of the Catholic faith to further partisan interests."

REALLY??? You're kidding me, right? You mean that Obama's voting record is just the rhetoric of Republicans? They really used the "vocabulary of the Catholic faith?" Please explain that Katherine. Explain it to a non-Republican such as me, who doesn't pay attention to what the Republicans are saying. They haven't stood for anything Catholic lately, but you claim they are using "vocabulary of the Catholic faith?"

Do you mean that the Republicans have been saying that abortion is a sin? I am laughing my head off. You, Kurt, and Demo may fall for that, but any thinking person knows it's just nonsense.

KMIEC ARTICLE SAID: "Douglas W. Kmiec is the Caruso Family Chair and Professor of Constitutional Law at...blah blah blah blah ad nauseum."

Who cares? If anyone checks out that resume they will understand that those are all liberal institutions that fail when it comes to the Catholic faith and so does Kmiec.

BTW, I will be posting this in other forums and my own as well.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rustler45 said...

Dear Catholics Against Obama,

Here's another post to those cowards over at Catholics for Obama. I am posting it here because Katherine will censor it as soon as she see's it:

ANONYMOUS SAID: "This is most grotesqe, sickess website I ever visted."

BETTY SAID: "I agree. You need an iron stomach to visit Jill Stannek's website. She pushes the idea that the Chinese eat fetuses for breakfast. She is one sick woman."

RUSTLER REPLIES: One of the people who posted a comment to the Bill O'Reilly interview with Jill Stanek said: "Some women are cold blooded."

She was talking about you Betty, and you Anonymous.

If you two think that website is sick, it tells the rest of us just how SICK YOU are! It's a pro-life, pro-Catholic website that exposes Obama for what he really is.

Betty if you don't know about the Chinese cannibalizing aborted fetuses you are truly ignorant. Come on Betty admit that you are a communist! You are a despicable low-life scumbag! And I cannot say that with enough venom to describe the real you. You are a disgusting snipe that only has rude comments using the name BETTY, but we know who you really are don't we Katherine? You are a liar and a coward. You censor these posts because they expose you for what you are. You are too cowardly to let them stand. Your hatred is so transparent.