Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Purpose in Opposing Barrack Obama

Before going any further, know that we as Catholics are called to love all people so this blog is not at all about hatred.  

Quite the contrary, we desire for all people to know that Deus est Caritas or in English, God is Love.   Yet as people of love, we must not sit silently and just watch as our country is on the verge of electing a man who has time and again shown us that he has views about life that are opposed to the teachings of Jesus.

We are writing this blog because we love our Lord Jesus, we Love our Lady His mother the Virgin Mary, and we love our country, the fifty United States of America. 

Our hope is for people to read our blog and to find information that proves Catholics are morally obliged to not cast their vote for Barrack Obama unless he publicly and fervently repents of his public opposition to life in the womb.  We believe that Barrack Obama has many political positions that are diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We will use Barrack's own public words and and his congressional votes to prove he stands in opposition to the Catholic way of life. 

For two thousand years Jesus has taught His church to both respect life and defend life from the womb to the tomb.  The purpose of this blog is to inform Catholics about Barrack's anti-Catholic views and to objectively prove that by voting for Barrack Obama, any Catholic would be complicit with mortal sin.  Knowing the truth will set us free. 

The sad truth about Barrack Obama is that he has vowed to work towards the destruction of human life by defending the "right" to abort a child in the womb.  If he were President when the bill to ban the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion was passed by congress, he would have vetoed the bill.  

Most disturbing of all is that Barrack Obama has defended the right of an abortionist to kill a child that has been born alive when the attempt by the abortionist to kill the baby in the womb has failed.  This is a blatant defense of murder.  Hope is a virtue whereby we can trust in God for our lives.  Is this the same hope Barrack Obama refers to in his public speeches?  If it is then why does he refuse to protect these little ones born in our world only to be snuffed out on the table they were born on?

In addition, he completely supports the deadly, dangerous, and unnecessary embryonic stem cell research.  This research by the way would tempt woman to allow their ovaries to be farmed out for their eggs.  There are other issues that will be discussed relative to our faith and our nation.  Our nation must not be led by this Senator from Illinois because he clearly has the wrong vision for a free America.

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